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Scott Bennett-McLeish

My name is Scott Bennett-McLeish and I’m a thirty-something software developer who gets a kick out of writing code both for a living and in my spare time.

Most recently I’ve been enjoying learning and solving day-to-day problems with a new and relatively large microservices style application. We’re largely deploying to AWS (with some locally deployed Docker thrown in the mix) and has dragged the whole project into a polyglot development stack with Gradle, Groovy, Lombok, Chef, Ruby, Docker and JSON for actually building and deploying; and then Gradle, AngularJS, Java8 and Postgresql in the mix for the applications themselves. Usage of AWS services has centred around CloudFormation for EC2/ELBs/ASGs with plenty of other services called in as needed.

Throughout my career Java (and Groovy for most of it) has always been there, but other languages, libraries and frameworks come and go as needed or as the tides of my current employment vary. Things such as XSL, parsing datasets and dashboarding have piqued my interest in the past.

In the past little while I’ve been working on a couple side projects with Grails and Java for:

  • an app for long term archival of photos/media utilising various AWS services
  • some backend services for periodically parsing a list of websites for updates (particularly where those sites don’t provide an RSS feed etc.)

My Bitbucket and Github accounts are an avenue into various projects I’ve toyed with over the last while.

I have spent some time on Stackoverflow over the years and every so often I post to Google+ if I see something interesting.

I’ve also recently achieved the first of the AWS Certifications, Developer - Associate, which has made me think that “collecting the whole set” of five is a reasonable target to aim for.

AWS Certified Developer - Associate

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